Have you ever wondered what the process is for buying a home? Does it seem like a daunting endeavor? A Realtor from RE/MAX Right Choice in Clio, MI can help simplify the process so you don't have to worry about keeping everything organized. Call today for a free consultation to discuss buying, selling, or just to get real estate advice! (810) 686-8667



1)      Loan Pre-Approval

2)      Decide upon your wants and needs, what you can afford

3)      Find and hire a trust-worthy Realtor to represent you and guide you through the process.

4)      Look at homes that meet your criteria and find your dream home.

5)      Write up a purchase agreement through your Realtor accompanied by an earnest money deposit ($500 - $5000) to show the seller that you are serious and commited.

6)      Negotiations and counter offers, then a mutually signed agreement.

7)      Apply for the mortgage.

8)      Order tests and inspections. (Home Inspections $250 - $350)

9)      Realtor orders title work.

10)    Lender orders an appraisal.

11)    Purchase homeowners insurance. ($600 - $1000)

12)    Order utilities, cable, phone, change of address.

13)    Final walk-through.

14)    Close